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Public App Download For PC Windows & iPhone Android

Public App Review

Public Indian Local Videos This is an application platform. Which is an Indian application. This app is also called a news app. Because its infamous purpose is to reach the people about the breaking news happening in the nearest city.

Public App Download For PC Windows & iPhone Android

Public App is created by India a developer. The sign in process of this application is simple, Once you setup this app, you will continue to get all the news happening in your city through this sin nonstop.

In this platform, you will get to read, watch and listen to news through videos, images, and text of this platform.

Thousands of people from all cities are connected in public mobile application, Through this app, people share the important information happening in their city. You can see the breaking news of your city by installing the public app as a user. Or you can also work as a news press.

There are so many people in this application who use it like a news press and publish the news among the people. People who like their user id can follow them in this public app.

Public Application is a free platform. A lot of variety news categories are available in this app. You can enjoy the news by choosing the category of the news of which you want to watch. A detailed article has been written about this in this article.

15 Different Indian Language

As we mentioned, Public is a platform designed by an Indian developer. Which works to get the news of the smallest city to the people by the user using the app.

As you would know India, 15 different state languages ​​are spoken in India. As this Public City News app has been made for the whole of India, so the facility of their local language has also been given for all the states.

It has a lot of different setup features, which users can set according to their language and read the news of their local city in their own language.

Connect With Your City's Famous People

Public App Download For PC

In the Public Indian Local Video App, all the city's biggest political people are connected. With whom you can keep in touch through this app.

If you also have an opinion about any issue in your city, then you can share your opinion among the people by making a video on this platform. Due to which ordinary people will hear your voice as well as the Politician People of your city.

If you have any opinion about anything, then you can share your comment with the people of your city with this app without any hassle.

Public App Features Review

Public is India's most popular and a great free news application. Its interface is very simple and it is easy to do. In a few simple clicks, users can sign in and sign up in this app.

  • Simple Interface: This app's interface and background have been designed in white and pink color. The public mobile app has been given the facility to write, share and comment on the uploaded video.
  • Create Free Account: Any user who is using Public Indian Local Video Android app can easily create a channel account in this app for free. And can share the local video of your city in it.
  • Different Indian Local Language: Public video apps have more than 8 different logo option add in India. The user can do this by setting his language according to his local language.

Public Apps Video Download

Public App is a free application, for the time being this app has been developed for mobile Android version. Its download and signup is free.

The public app cannot be downloaded and installed on a Windows computer as it has been developed only for the mobile version.

To download the public app in Android, users can download it for free from Google Playstore.

And those who are Apple mobile users can download this public iPhone version app for free from @apps.apple.com.

Publisher Opinion

In this post a full details review article has been written about Indian Public Local Video Mobile App with free download guide. And also some information has been given about the features of the app.

We do not promote any such comprehensive mobile windows apk application for people to download For information only, we have written a review article about the public app in this article. We hope that all the visitors must have got some good and advanced information after reading this article.

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